• Ture Sjolander says:

      08:29am | 29/09/10

      It is a great collection of moments of descriptions. It reminds me of a movie from 1930’s titled ” FREAKS ” Producer R. Todd.
      Facial language and body language tells more than 1000 words in a Lateline program….
      I don’t understand how we can employ .....or how they get in there in the first place…is this “samples” really a mirror of the real population of Australia or are we kidding our self. Do we need this anachronistic political farce? NO PLEASE!!!

    • Ture Sjolander says:

      10:19am | 29/09/10

      You just have to watch “FREAKS” by Tod Browning, 1932 MGM - based on the book (short stories) “Spurs”, to understand what I mean, or if you so prefer look at the Parliamentary Time on TV, live….to be in the same room would be detrimental for you.

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